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Contact information

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to ask. On this page you can find all necessary information to contact us.

Customer support

We are always striving to make our products better.
If you have any difficulties in using of Pic2Pic, or you wish to suggest new features and improvements, please either send an e-mail to our Support team, or contact us online by using our Feedback Web Form.

Ordering, payment

If you have questions about ordering, payment methods, or would like to get information about volume licensing prices and cooperation offers, please contact our Sales Team.


We are always interested to join new partnerships.
If you are interested to wholesale our products to resellers, retailers or companies, please send a message to the following e-mail address:sales@pic2pic.net

Web site

Any comments concerning the website or the ordering system should be mailed to our Webmaster.


Released Pic2Pic 3.1! Download

Released Pic2Pic 3!

Russian translation for Pic2Pic 3 is now available. Download...

Italian translation for Pic2Pic 3 is now available.

French translation for Pic2Pic 3 is now available.

Released Pic2Pic 2.5

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